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Project 2: Deceptive Visualization - Peer Grading

You will review two Project 2 submissions from your classmates and share constructive feedback. This assignment is an opportunity to both (a) develop skills to effectively evaluate and critically analyze visualization designs, and (b) help guide subsequent efforts by your peers to improve project quality and visualization design across the class.

An important goal for this assignment is to understand how visualization designs might aim to intentionally (or unintentionally) mislead the viewer, so as to provide you with more confidence and skepticism when interpreting visualizations in the wild.


For each peer review, begin by critically reading the visualizations and try to determine which is the earnest design and which is the deceptive design. Note what you discover and learn about the data set, and what properties lead you to a particular conclusion. You must identify which visualization you believe to be intentionally deceptive, along with a rationale indicating which design elements led you to this conclusion.

Next, author constructive critiques for each visualization design. Consider the following concerns:

  • Are expressive and effective visual encodings applied?
  • How well does the choice of encodings they reveal the most important features or trends of the underlying data?
  • Is critical data easily seen, or is it somehow hidden?
  • Is an audience likely to understand the visualization?
  • How clear and transparent is the design?
  • Are elements appropriately titled or labeled?
  • Is there appropriate spacing, layout, legible type, and other forms of design styling?
  • Is the overall display confusing or cluttered?
  • Is there important information missing that is needed to interpret the visualization approapriately?

To share critique, we will use the β€œI like / I wish / What if?” format. This involves sharing positive feedback on effective aspects, critical (but respectful!) feedback on what might be improved, and more wild (even half-baked) ideas your fellow students could explore in subsequent design iterations or future work. For each visualization, you must provide at least two statements in each of the I like / I wish / What if? categories.

Submission Details

This is an individual assignment. You may not work in groups.

Your peer reviews are due Tuesday 05/07, 11:59pm. Each student must review the project of two other students. Those two students will be assigned to you in a spreadsheet linked in an Ed thread titled, β€œProject 2 Peer Grade Assignments.” Email the students to get their projects.

To be clear:

  1. Consult the spreadsheet to see your two peer graders.
  2. Email each of your two peer graders your project. They will be your peer graders.
  3. You should receive two emails from your peers with projects for you to grade. Grade those.

If a student does not send their project to their peer graders by Sunday, 5/05, the peer graders will receive full credit for that project and that student that neglected to email their project to their peers will lose 50% of the assignment grade for each project not sent.

To submit your review, you must use gradescope, Project 2 Peer Grading. Please carefully respond to each of the questions raised.